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The Nationalwide Testing Association: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Nationalwide Testing Association (NTA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing testing services. Through the promotion of standardized assessments, this organization helps ensure that all students receive a fair and accurate assessment of their knowledge and skills.

By providing various tests such as the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, and more, NTA works to offer a variety of options for students looking to further their education or pursue a professional career. This allows them to demonstrate their skill sets across various topics while helping universities and employers make informed decisions when selecting applicants.

The NTA also works closely with schools and businesses to create customized testing solutions that meet specific needs. By utilizing best practices in test design and evaluation methods, this organization ensures that all tests are reliable and effective for assessing student performance or job candidates for potential employment opportunities.

Goals: What NTA Aims to Achieve

The Nationalwide Testing Association (NTA) is the premier professional organization for individuals and organizations involved in assessing, measuring, evaluating, and testing cognitive, academic, and physical abilities. NTA has provided leadership and guidance to educate members on current best practices and promote ethical standards related to testing activities.

The mission of NTA is straightforward: To advance excellence in assessment through research and development; to provide technical assistance for conducting valid assessments; to support effective decision-making based on assessments; and to increase public understanding about appropriate uses of standardized tests.

Benefits: Why NTA is Beneficial

The Nationalwide Testing Association (NTA) is an organization that provides individuals and organizations with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities by taking certification tests. This is beneficial for both employers and employees in a variety of ways.

For employers, NTA-certified tests are an efficient way to verify job candidates’ qualifications. This assessment can help ensure that potential hires have the necessary skills for the job. Employers will be able to make more informed decisions when hiring new staff members since they will better understand how well-suited candidates are for the role. Additionally, having NTA certifications demonstrates that employers abide by industry standards, which adds confidence and credibility to their business operations.

Why choose NTA

The Nationalwide Testing Association (NTA) is a trusted leader in professional testing. For those seeking to gain certification or licensure for their professional skills, NTA provides the necessary tools and resources needed to complete their exams. With decades of experience providing test preparation and support for professionals, NTA has become an established name in the industry.

NTA offers comprehensive and up-to-date study materials that prepare candidates for success. Their testing solutions provide a variety of practice tests, tutorials, videos, and other helpful resources designed to give students the best chance of passing their exams on the first try. In addition to providing detailed information about test content and structure, NTA offers personalized coaching from experts who can help guide your study plan.


Nationalwide Testing Association is an important organization that provides the necessary resources and services to help students prepare for standardized tests. Their mission is to ensure students have access to information, materials, and support needed to succeed on their exams. NTA’s program helps students achieve their academic goals and objectives. The association offers a wide range of services, from study guides test reviews, practice tests, and more.

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