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Exterior Solutions – Exceptional Coverings and Finishes

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Exterior Solutions Ltd owns the trademark for Shou Sugi Ban. We also provide, distribute, and sell the finest hardwood, cedar paving, and composite decking. New buildings, renovations, and garden landscaping projects for houses, factories, parks, and resorts are finished by adding high-quality materials, including our timber cladding and decking.

Some of the premier architecture and heritage buildings, private residences, public spaces, and public facilities depend on our timber cladding and decking.

Hardwood Decking

A deck is a perfect way to maximize any outdoor space. It provides a natural extension of the home environment, drawing inhabitants outdoors into the fresh air. The deck provides places for people to relax, socialize, play, or cook up a feast.

Exterior Solutions Ltd is a respected hardwood and composite decking merchant supplying services and supplies to help end-users select the most effective product. Our suppliers advise architects, builders, and landscape architects on the best deck items based on our customers’ requirements.

Exterpark Hardwood Cladding

The exotic hardwood from Exterpark possesses a breathtaking and long-lasting finish, making it ideal for high-profile architectural projects. It has been a prevalent material in top-of-the-line building projects for many years.

Exterpark authorizes outside Solutions to provide its certified timber cladding in the United Kingdom. We offer teak, iroko, Orlando, and ipé timber that is enduring enough to last for several decades. The stain may weather or be kept unweathered by applying exterior oil.

Our staff would happily answer any of your questions, suggest woods for your installation, and set up the service. Get in touch with us to schedule a visit.

Charred Timber Cladding

Our trained artisans on-site use the Japanese art of yagusugi to produce our charred timber cladding, Shou Sugi Ban. The charred timber cladding helps improve the durability and longevity of the wood.

Burning the timber makes it difficult to contend with flammability. We apply a supplementary fire-resistant coating to ensure the timber cladding meets strict building regulations.

We have constantly refined the charring technique since we began specializing in this area. We can provide your ideal finished product, from highly charred timbers to custom-colored cladding with defined wood grain patterns.

Shou Sugi Ban offers a distinguishing wood for each application. We offer customized and precise wood profiles and can provide precision cutting using invisible welders.


Exterior Solutions is a leading provider of exceptional coverings and finishes for hardwood decking, Exterpark Hardwood Cladding, and Charred Timber Cladding. Their products are top quality and durable and will beautify any outdoor space. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in the field, they are the perfect choice for any exterior design project. They guarantee their clients the highest level of craftsmanship from start to finish.

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